Dr. Muslim Jameel, Syed working as a Lecturer in the Enterprise and Technology Department, School of Business, Atlantic Technological University, Galway. Dr. Syed did his Bachelor and master’s in software engineering and PhD in Information Technology with specialization in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning. Dr. Syed research orbit revolves around Emerging Technologies, including Responsible Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Blockchain, and Digital Twin, aiming at enhancing processes and products within SMEs. Moreover, he has extensive experience in projects involving smart health, smart cities, and renewable energy, where I have adeptly applied digital technologies such as AI, LoraWAN-based IoT, and database designing, and others. Dr. Syed’s research primarily centers on ensuring the ethical and legal integration of emerging technologies, emphasizing meticulous adherence to regulatory frameworks and standards. His work revolves around navigating the lawful implementation of these innovations while ensuring strict compliance with established rules and regulations. Dr. Syed also has provided consultancy as Expert Witness to US trademark and IP Patent office in legal advice to copyright petitions in the domain of Digital Twin and Building Monitoring System. Invited as a keynote speaker internationally and editorial roles in esteemed journals reflect his commitment to global knowledge sharing.

Research & Engagement

As a researcher, I have worked at SFI Marie center, University of Galway, and worked engaged with several EU and Irish funding projects such as SFI and Horizon EU, worth approx. 1 Million euros, and kept closely engaged with industrial collaboration such as, Amazon Web Services, Eirecomposite and other.

My involvement in key research projects includes:

  • DeepWindDemo and CRIMSON (11/2022–Dec2023) at the University of Galway, Ireland funded by EU under H-2020.
  • HEATCHECK (09/2021–Dec 2023) at the University of Galway, Ireland funded by Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI)
  • Monitoring residential sustainability with high privacy (07/2022–Dec 2023) in collaboration with the University of Galway, Ireland, and Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • Correlation between concept drift parameters and performance of deep learning models (01/2019–12/2020) funded by the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia

My expertise lies in Digital Twin, Human Cantered and Explainable AI, and Internet of Things (IoT). I have applied these technologies for development of Renewable Energy (in Deep Wind Demo, and CRIMSON project and SMART Cities (HEATCHECK Project). I have still strong collaborations in these projects. Also have strong collaboration of international research organizations and Universities, such as Manchester Metropolitan University, UK, Universiti Technology, PETRONAS, Malaysia, MAJU, Pakistan and other.

He strongly believes in research dissemination to appropriate venues (such as open access journal, social media for public etc), I have authored and co authored more than 35 research articles in journal (such as Elsevier Internet of Things, IEEE Access), international conferences of high repute and book chapters reflecting his substantial impact of research. He has been invited as keynote speeches at various international conferences and seminars in Japan, Malaysia, Pakistan, and India.

Interested in working on

Research projects in the areas of:

  • Capacity building and innovation projects
  • SME’s empowerment through Digital Technologies
  • A Responsible & Trustworthy Framework using Emerging Technologies
  • Interested in supervising research projects:
  • Cyber-Protected Digital Twin Framework for Irish MedTech Supply Chain & Production Line
  • The impact of ethical AI in Sustainable Growth and Profitable Scaling for Enterprises
  • MARINE-ECHO: An Integrated Digital Twin Framework for Restoration of Irish Marine Ecosystems
  • And other

Sustainable Development Goals

In 2015, UN member states agreed to 17 global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all. This person’s work contributes towards the following SDG(s):