SECure (2020-2022)

Researchers: Pádraig Gallagher, Tara Doherty, Simon Stephens, Michael Farren, Paul McCusker

Funding: €60,955 (€291,480 total Budget, ATU Lead partner), KA2 – Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices

Project Aim

SECure enables SMEs facing an acute business crisis to precisely determine the crisis status, identify causes and initiate appropriate countermeasures. At the same time, (future) entrepreneurs are trained to implement early crisis detection mechanisms to prevent future company crises. The project achieves a sustainable impact by directly securing jobs on the one hand and by professionalizing VET organizations, management consultants, entrepreneurship, and SME support infrastructures and by providing first of its kind resources to be implemented into their curricula and services.

Key work packages

  1. Identified the most relevant early phase crisis indicators for SMEs
  2. Developed an innovative curriculum and learning framework for (future) Entrepreneurs
  3. Developed an interactive crisis analysis tool that enables SME owners/managers to identify the phase, the extent and the causes of a crisis.
  4. To ensure wide and free access, all produced resources were shared together with a large variety of additional information on our interactive knowledge exchange platform as OERs.

ATU Donegal led the project with partners in Denmark, Germany, Spain and Greece.

Project Website