Our Team

Passionate, experienced and knowledgeable — our team and their networks are the greatest assets we have.

Dr. Amir Azadnia

Operations & Services Futures, Entrepreneurial & Innovative Futures, Operations & Supply Chain Management, Innovation Roadmaps & Processes

Dr. Manuel Catena

Social Change & Transformation, Leadership Development & Organisational Learning

Joe Coll

UX & Design Thinking, Social Change & Transformation, Digital & Marketing Futures

Siobhan Cullen

Learning & Skills Futures, Human Performance Futures, Social Change Futures, Social Change & Transformation

Dr. Isobel Cunningham

Entrepreneurial & Innovative Futures, Social Change Futures, Innovation Roadmaps & Processes

James Kearns

Digital & Marketing, Market & Social Science Research, Consumer Profiling & Marketing

Brónagh Heverin

Innovation & Entrepreneurial, Social Change & Transformation, Learning & Skills Futures, Innovation Roadmaps & Processes

Dr. Suzanne Kennedy

Social Change & Transformation, Human Performance Futures, Learning & Skills, Market & Social Research

Padraic Lynch

UX & Design Thinking, Digital & Marketing Futures, Entrepreneurial & Innovative Futures, Innovation Roadmaps & Processes

Humphrey Murphy

Human Performance, Market & Social Science Research, Consumer Profiling & Marketing, Social Change & Transformation

Dr. Vicky O’Rourke

Market & Social Science Research, Consumer Profiling & Marketing, Innovation Roadmaps & Processes, Leadership & Organisational Learning, Social Change Futures

Dr. George Onofrei

Operations & Supply Chain Management, Lean Manufacturing, Behavioural Operations

Dr. Tena Patten

Innovative & Entrepreneurial Futures, Learning & Skills Futures, UX & Design Thinking, Innovation Roadmaps & Processes, Leadership Development & Organisational Learning

Dr. Meadbh Ruane

Social Change, Learning & Skills, Leadership Development & Organisational Learning