Border Midland and Western Region – Social Accounting Matrix (2002–2004)

Funder: INTEREGG (€350,000)

Researchers: Prof. Thomas Gordon Johnson (University of Missouri); Prof. James Matthew Fannin (University of Missouri); Prof. Michael J. Keane (NUI Galway); Mr Paul McCusker (LYIT); and Dr Simon Stephens (LYIT).

A Social Accounting Matrix (SAM) is an economic database that collects the flow of resources associated with all transactions between economic agents in an economy during a period of time. A SAM is a square matrix which provides a comprehensive, complete and consistent picture of the economic transactions. The BMW SAM initially consisted of one agricultural sector, through the use of CSO and NFS data the agricultural sector within the BMW SAM was disaggregated into seven agricultural sectors (dairy, cattle, sheep, forage crops, cereal crops, other agriculture and agricultural contracting), this new version of the BMW SAM was then used to examine the impact of differing GHG emissions policies on the wider BMW region.