Dr. George Onofrei

Areas of Expertise

Operations & Supply Chain Management, Lean Manufacturing, Behavioural Operations



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Dr. George Onofrei is Senior Lecturer in Operations and Supply Chain Management at the School of Business, Letterkenny Institute of Technology, Ireland. He completed his PhD at University College Dublin’s Smurfit Graduate Business School, Ireland, in the area of Lean Operations and Supply Chain Management. His research interests focus on supply chain practices, sustainability, business data analytics and behavioural operations in manufacturing and service industries. He has published articles in premier journals including International Journal of Production and Operations Management, Business Strategy and the Environment, Supply Chain Management: An International Journal, Production Planning and Control, Business Process Management Journal, Total Quality Management and Business Excellence, Operations Management Research. He is Vice-President of the Global Manufacturing Research Group (GMRG) and serves on the Executive Board of the European Operations Management Association (EurOMA).

Research Innovation & Engagement

Recent Research Publications:

  • Bonner A., Onofrei G., Humpreys P., Margey M. and Cadden T. (2021), “Entrepreneurial versus Cooperative Social Capital: which one is better for operational performance?”, Business Strategy and the Environment, In press https://doi.org/10.1002/bse.2844
  • Onofrei, G., Fynes, B., Nguyen, H. and Azadnia, A. (2021), “Quality and lean practices synergies: A swift even flow perspective”, International Journal of Quality & Reliability Management, Vol.38, No.1, pp. 98-115, https://doi.org/10.1108/IJQRM-11-2019-0360
  • Nguyen, H., Onofrei, G., Akbari, R. and McClelland R. (2021), “Enhancing quality and innovation performance: the role of supplier communication and knowledge development”, Total Quality Management & Business Excellence, Vol.1, pp.1-25, https://doi.org/10.1080/14783363.2020.1858711
  • Cadden T., Cao G., Yang Y., McKittrick A., McIvor R. and Onofrei G. (2020), “The effect of buyers’ socialization efforts on the culture of their key strategic supplier and its impact on supplier operational performance”, Production Planning and Control, Vol.1, pp.1-18, http://doi.org/10.1080/09537287.2020.1785574