Dr. Amir Azadnia

Areas of Expertise

Operations & Services Futures, Entrepreneurial & Innovative Futures, Operations & Supply Chain Management, Innovation Roadmaps & Processes



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Dr. Amir Azadnia is currently a lecturer in supply chain and operation management at Letterkenny Institute of Technology. He received his PhD degree in industrial engineering from University Technology Malaysia (UTM), in 2014. He has started his work as a lecturer at Islamic Azad University (IAU) in 2011 and after completing his PhD he was promoted to an assistant professor of Industrial Engineering and Management. From 2014 to 2019, he had taken up several academic posts such as the head of the department of industrial engineering and management and the dean of the engineering faculty at IAU. Besides his academic activities, he has acted as a business advisor for several service and manufacturing companies in the area of operations and supply chain management.

Research, Innovation & Engagement

Amir has published several papers in high impact factor journals such as Journal of cleaner production, International Journal of Production Research, and Resources, Conservation and Recycling, and International Journal of Value Chain Management. He is serving as an active reviewer member for several high impact factor journals and also a scientific committee member for national and international conferences. His research interests span a number of areas. He has been active in the following research areas:

  • Supply Chain and Operation Management
  • Sustainability
  • Decision Making and Optimisation Methods
  • Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology Management
  • Data Mining, Fuzzy Logics and Artificial Intelligence

Amir has made collaboration in several project in the field of supply chain and operation management, strategic planning, entrepreneurship have been accomplished. He pursues theoretical and practical research on the area of sustainable supply chain management and operations.