Areas of Expertise

Our team of area experts work collaboratively to identify opportunities, test assumptions and solve problems. There are many ways we can help your enterprise innovate, change and grow.

Market & Social Science Research

We provide a full range of qualitative and quantitative research techniques, delivering quality, high impact research. Our research team have experience knowledge from over a decade of working with key industry partners and within our entrepreneurial ecosystem. This research group explores a wide range of topics including social media marketing; new product development, service quality, customer loyalty, customer relationship management. We have a strong focus on applied research that impacts on both academic and practitioner communities. We have a number of funded postgraduate research opportunities and area actively seeking funded research opportunities.

Consumer Profiling & Marketing

Deepening the customer relationship and maximising the lifetime value of the customer are key objectives for organisations. Markets are global yet customer traits, characteristics and behaviours are common. The abundance of data produced by and about customers enables in depth consumer profiling and sophisticated targeting of meaningful messages. Consolidating data including sociodemographic data, customer interactions, online consumer behaviour and industry data helps the organisation to develop sophisticated consumer profiles enabling the tailoring of relevant messages to key audiences.

Operations & Supply Chain Management

The domain of Supply Chain Management (SCM) touches every aspect of our lives. Every product / service we consume has been produced / delivered through a supply chain. Real world problems, such as food waste, product recalls, overcrowded hospitals, damage to the environment are all supply chain issues. Adopting a problem-centred approach to our research, we aim to provide solutions on the creation of economic and societal values. Connecting to various sectors we strive to develop innovative supply chain theory that can be transformed into practical solutions and gain financial returns.

Innovation Roadmaps & Processes

Operationalising innovation strategy is a key challenge in today’s dynamic business environment. Processes available to assist the business proactively pursue an innovation strategy include co-creation, open innovation and business model development. Tools and techniques to aid the business execute an innovation strategy include innovation auditing, ideation and pipeline process design. Our extensive knowledge in facilitating the implementation of these practices in SME’s and MNCs provide DICE with unique insight into excellence in operationalisation.

UX Research & Design Thinking

For companies and projects of all sizes, the DICE team utilise Design Thinking and Lean UX — human-centered approaches to innovation and product or service development. Our process guides teams through a structured design workflow, where objectives are defined, new thinking is encouraged, developed, prototyped and tested with low-risk design tools and techniques.

Do you need help identifying and framing problems and opportunities? Do you want to better understand your end-users or audience — their motivations, pain-points, wants and needs? Do you need tools and techniques to help foster a culture of quick low-risk prototyping and iteration? Contact DICE to and see how Design Thinking and Lean UX can help your company or organisation innovate, change and grow.

Leadership & Organisational Learning

Leadership development and Organisational Learning is for everyone who wants to increase the potential within themselves, their teams and organisations. The course will take you on a journey into the creation and leadership of motivated and high performing teams, rich learning spaces and powerful creative processes. A great way to boost your high-level strategy and leadership skills, and to help you reach your most ambitious goals is through on-the-job learning, it keeps you sharp- you continue to spot the right business opportunities, drive innovation and meet your most demanding organisational challenges.

On the job learning, is a key facet of our approach as a catalyst for larger organisational change and learning. Reality based learning doesn’t happen by simply sitting in a class watching a lecturer or by just doing exercises in an online program. You’ll learn best through development programmes that surface and leverage tacit knowledge ‘deep smarts’ and hands-on action learning. The last is critical. Getting into the action will firmly drive forward your leadership skills learning in a very tangible way where you begin to see and understand things differently and drive impact change and transformation in your organisation.

AR VR & Emerging Technologies

Augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality technologies are a growing hotbed of innovation for creative enterprises. Knowledge of the production pipelines and technology for creating content for these platforms form a key part in developing quality experiences for the consumer. Content is king as the mantra goes and our expertise in the area ensures efficient, timely and high calibre output.

As new platforms arise new content and development pipelines need to be considered. If you are considering using emerging technology but are not sure how to go about it, the DICE team can provide answers and research to allow you make informed decisions and see where potential risks may lie.

Social Change & Transformation

The REAL project ( Re-Imagining Experiential Academic Learning in Law) which we lead, in collaboration with other two other law schools, aims to create a national repository of resources to further develop clinical legal education in Ireland, placing us at the forefront of clinical legal education as an instrument of social change and transformative educational value.

We lead out on the “College of Sanctuary” initiative, an internationally recognised civil rights movement, which aims to create cultures of welcome and inclusion for refugees, asylum seekers and migrants. The Sanctuary principles and their implementation through learn and share events encapsulate our focus on social justice, social change and capacity-building within communities.